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We've had an absolutely WONDERFUL week-end... I'm so grateful for all your help. My various outfits and accessories brought enough compliments to have me floating on air.

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Hello, I am Maggi Toner-Edgar, I am a fashion stylist, illustrator and NLP lifestyle coach based in Cockermouth, a beautiful market town on the edge of the Cumbrian Lake District in England. 

I have a lifetime of fashion knowledge from my background in design, linked to my research and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching techniques, a powerful and unique combination. I promise you, it is totally possible to change behaviour patterns and for you to look stylish and years younger.

NLP is a powerful vehicle for personal change, used by many thousands of people around the world. It's about exploring attitudes that lead to success, top celebrities and business people use this form of coaching to get the results they need in their business and personal lives.

In addition, I have some recent publications to purchase. ‘Be Remarkable’ is an E-Book which focuses upon dressing to suit you. ‘Thinking Caps’ is my personal poignant and inspirational story of how creativity can transform your thinking.


About Dr Maggi Toner Edgar


A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes

Mahatma Ghandi   

This book will inspire you to be creative and help you to rise above everyday problems. It is a beautifully presented book with over 40 stunning full colour images.

I have created hat/textile designs, showing my love of vintage and new clothing together. The millinery and fashion element of the book has continued to add to my signature style and helps me to find the timeless individual sense of style in others. My own case study is my own story of love, loss and the creative process, which you can read in ‘Thinking Caps’.

Recently published E-Book available on Kindle download here

Thinking Caps

PhD thesis is available to purchase (Supplied on CD ROM Price included postage and package)

This PhD is an Investigation into the experiential learning process of designers and makers, you will see that it examines different aspects of creative intelligence.  

In the Appendix you will find a full and very useful Learning Pack which can be used for students at further and higher education level to improve their reflective critical abilities to learn from their own creative experiences.The appendix shows an example of case studies and questionnaires and PowerPoint's of practice.  It is in two volumes: VOLUME I is the actual thesis and VOLUME ll is a group of appendices which give the visual evidence for the thesis by MAGGI TONER-EDGAR  PhD published in

May 2008 @ The Robert Gordon University.

Maggi Toner Edgar

Want to find out a little bit more about me? Check out some of the Frequently asked questions:

How did you become a Stylist?   

What does the style aspect of the consultation cover?

How are you different from other Stylists or Image Consultants?

What does Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) mean to me?

What sort of clients do you work with?

What are your experiences and credentials as a coach?

How does your research make you unique as a coach?  

Do you tell people exactly what to wear and do?

Do you do Make-up and Beauty advice?

I really want to have a free mini phone consultation to try it out, what do I do now?

Latest publications

This e-book is a style book incorporating NLP thinking and personal approach to creative style. This is a style book with a difference; it gives you style tips to suit your figure type.  Although this first book is aimed at women there is an important message that everyone needs to hear.  It acts as a catalyst for change and allows you re-frame the way you view yourself and your body, in and out of your clothes.  It also acts to confirm personal choices, which always promotes self-love and self-confidence.

The ‘Be Remarkable’ series takes away the morning task of what to wear and instils the idea that what you wear to look your best can come naturally to you, if you base it on a simple code. You can take the first step on the route to being remarkable simply by being yourself, or the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

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Creative Style introduction

This video is a chatty description about working with a stylist and is by no means comprehensive – the questions above should give you other answers you may want.

The video is by way of an introduction  and describes why you would enjoy having the services of a stylist and some of the things you should know about what Creative Style and can do for you.  

It touches upon the very particular NLP approach that makes me a unique Stylist in fashion circles.


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