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We've had an absolutely WONDERFUL week-end... I'm so grateful for all your help. My various outfits and accessories brought enough compliments to have me floating on air.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did you become a Stylist?   

Prior to setting up Creative Style Image and Coaching consultancy, I was a Course Leader and Senior Lecturer in Haute Couture for Fashion, educating a generation of fashion designers at the University of Central Lancashire. I am a Member of the Chartered Society of Designers and have written and illustrated fashion books and talked about my doctoral research and style as a public speaker/writer.  I previously worked at Janet Ibbotson (Fashion Label) and Vogue Magazine as assistant to the Fashion Editor.

I directed my own Fashion label and produced collections and individual items of Haute Couture, for private clients and designer boutiques.  So I am as comfortable dressing a celebrity for the red carpet as I am helping any woman to feel good about themselves, whatever their age.

What does the style aspect of the consultation cover?

It can cover some or all of the following depending upon the number of sessions:

Recent Trends and/or finding a signature style.

Body shape 

Body Proportions

Face shape

Capsule Wardrobe

Virtual Shop – researching personal web links for you to follow up on.

Wardrobe Management

Body image and Confidence Boost, this is mostly undertaken using positive thinking EFT and NLP techniques.

Dissolving limiting beliefs such as eating habits and distorted self image through EFT and NLP Techniques.

Colouring is covered mostly under a separate colour Analysis Session

How are you different from other Stylists or Image Consultants?

Over the years of living and working in Cumbria, Manchester, London, America and near Paris, I have developed a set of unique coaching skills and a design philosophy that is one I am keen to share with everyone.  Firstly I work with people in relation to their personality, their lifestyle and then wardrobe. I work from the inside out! I promote an up-to-date but sensible approach to capsule wardrobe and colour that gives every client a personal framework to make their lives uncomplicated.

I have educated both Fashion and Textile Designers for many years and have an in-depth knowledge of fabrics, and a flair for style and how it works on individual characters. My approach is very intuitive but also I will work with you to see how to do-it-for-yourself so that you don’t make wardrobe mistakes in future.  My broad knowledge of colour theory (through Applied Arts/Design research) links with my intuitive approach to offer a colour service that is sophisticated and individual to you, in order to create a concise capsule wardrobe.

I love using Neuro-linguistic Programming (positive suggestion techniques) as I am a credited practitioner of NLP and Emotional Freedom Techniques, which help you to alter the habits of a lifetime to achieve the look and/or the body you desire.

What does Neuro-Linguistic Programming mean to me?

NLP is done through positive suggestion in the main and works brilliantly for anyone who wants to make changes and explore getting better results at work or in their personal lives.   I link it to emotional intelligence from my research and emotional freedom; so I focus particularly on areas related to image and the body; including self-confidence, self esteem, emotional freedom, breaking obsessive and negative behaviour or eating patterns.

Successful case studies include changing self-perception and losing weight and keeping it off; I have found that using Gastric Band suggestion technique is a powerful reinforcement to weight loss clients. Using NLP we are able to work with emotional compulsive eating, portion control and eating consciously, as well as Gastric Band Hypnosis.  It is important to have the right attitude, knowing that it will work, but being aware that it takes some work on the part of the client it is not a magic pill but a change in behaviour patterns.

What sort of clients do you work with?

Anyone who is passionate about style and indeed any individual who wants a wardrobe to make them feel good. I am particularly good with ageing clients, or those undergoing changes, but work mostly with professionals and those who are either too busy to shop or need to update their look, also some clients are unsure how to dress in a way that really suits how their life has progressed.

I have worked on many projects over the years which have spanned fashion, life coaching, textiles, craft and arts research. My experience includes a portfolio of presentations and collaborations, with universities, organisations and designers (for example: Philip Treacy and Isabella Blow) at Tullie House. See blog for creative collaborations between practitioners and universities in Australia, Finland and the UK as part of the art and fashion projects. I also do education consultation work in Schools with teenagers regarding body image and I do voluntary sessions at Breast Cancer support groups.

I have taught a generation of fashion/textile designers, but since 2010 I have worked mostly with individual members of the public to share fashion industry secrets.

Previous projects have covered:

Creative Coaching for artists/designers and the general public

Managing fashion shows and arts events

Fashion and textile trade events 

Fashion and Materials research, education and writing.

Design conference papers

For further information join me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or read my Blog

What are your experiences and credentials as a coach?

I spent many years as Course Programme Leader and Principal Lecturer for BA Hons and MA Applied Arts at the University of Cumbria, where I coached and mentored many students and university staff.  I Directed the Applied Arts Research Centre and piloted a counselling programme for student guidance.

I am an Ambassador for the Happiness Foundation; a not-for-profit organisation founded by my own NLP Trainer, Psychologist and Master NLP Practitioner Kath Temple. I am credited to use Emotional Freedom and NLP techniques and believe that positive thinking promotes confidence and wellbeing. I work with individuals, children, schools, leaders, organisations and galleries using art and fashion to change future wellbeing for the greater good.  


How does your research make you unique as a coach?  

My PhD was an Investigation into Experiential Learning, May, 2008.  My work through design practice examines the creative thinking process and how we can use reflective practice to promote creative and critical thinking.  It also explains how reflecting on our behaviour can offer us basic understanding of our life experiences and can change our approach to emotional responses.

This informs my own personal NLP practitioner approach for advanced creativity and life coaching.

I love drawing and concept-mapping and I use it to promote understanding of how we think - creatively. The emotional intelligence we have can be enhanced through the experience of our personal response to colours and textures and how colour and materials relate to our personal wellbeing. This has prompted me to use this knowledge to create a sense of wellbeing for every individual who works with me.

Do you tell people exactly what to wear and do?

Not unless you really want me to take all the pressure off, which can happen in relation to situations where there is a lack of confidence in the final decision e.g: Mother of the Bride/Stage Performances. I usually work with you to decide what is right for you and then we decide how to take it forward according to your budget, timescale and desired goal (suggestions are given, changes and purchases are completely up to you). Updating an image can take a little time and money on your part, but the best results are achieved through your own actions if you are committed to improvement.  I would never usually advocate cosmetic surgery and much prefer my natural positive NLP coaching approach to help you review your body and attitude to health, beauty and food.

Do you do Make-up and Beauty advice?

Not really I am not a beautician; I am a Fashion Stylist and positive thinking coach.  However my make-up colour advice is included in Colour Analysis sessions which offer make-up colours.

My Hair styling advice is in relation to colour analysis and usually for styling shape in relation to face-shape, looking younger and refreshing your look, I work alongside recommended hairdressers and beauticians for the full make-over packages.

I really want to have a free mini phone consultation to try it out, what do I do now?

Go to the Contact Page and ring or email me to arrange a time to discuss what would suit you.