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We've had an absolutely WONDERFUL week-end... I'm so grateful for all your help. My various outfits and accessories brought enough compliments to have me floating on air.

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Fashion and Wellbeing   

Style Consultation and Costs
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I will give you a sensitive and honest appraisal of your style, exploring the aspects you can enjoy and supporting you to make changes. For the cost of a good haircut... you can improve your look in one session.
These sessions are great fun and a real treat, creating a stunning first impression for key dates such as for weddings, interviews, important sales events or just looking 40 for your 50th birthday.  
The coaching encourages you to be remarkable. As you consider the benefits, you will be impressed with the positive changes you see.

Separately these NLP/Styling sessions would add up to £280-£300 a significant saving by booking a package where you will learn to use Emotional Freedom techniques and empower yourself, master your emotions and run your own brain, interrupt poor behaviour patterns and take control for good.

Achieve a Positive Body Image through use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom techniques and relative thinking. Excellent to enhance the confidence-building process or liberate yourself from self-imposed limitations.  £40 p. hr

Individual style coaching to promote stronger character and identity through clothing style disguising difficult issues or learning capsule wardrobe planning. £40 p.hr

Personal Web shop (2 hr research session with web links sent to you) carried out after your style session is a simpler more cost effective method of personal shopping to encourage you to make fresh choices, and a follow up session can be arranged to confirm purchases. £40  

The above are offered as single starter hour sessions or a combination of two or three; for a half day including a report for £150).

Personal Colour combinations through identification of hues appropriate to the colours of your hair, eyes and skin combinations and how to wear your favourite colours to enhance your complexion. 2 hours £70

Taste of style revamp includes styling and preparation for event, web shop or shopping experience. £75

Personal Shopping and Style Revamp begins at £250 with suggestions for hair and make-up.  All the potential new wardrobe is previously researched and awaits you on your shopping trip in whichever capital you chose. (Including professional hair+make-up additional £125) Travel and accommodation fees could apply.

Weight Loss 1-1 NLP/EFT Coaching total package involves 3 coaching sessions on diet management £250

Shopping Addiction 1-1 NLP/EFT Coaching incl. Colour/Capsule wardrobe sessions (purchase control) £250

Improved Confidence 1-1 NLP/EFT Coaching incl. Style Revamp and Colour Session £250

Fashion on a budget

Does 100% of your wardrobe work for you? ...If only 60% or less works then find out why and prepare a plan to save money in future and always look wonderful.

The wardrobe revamp looks at the clothes you own – this does not mean throwing everything out.   It is about examining what really works and building a good quality ‘capsule’ wardrobe (that is a basic collection of usable clothes that work).  

Some of you may need a critical eye, some ‘detox’ or ditching of things maybe necessary. This is followed by categorising and planning for an easy life - based on your job, lifestyle, personality and budget.  This is done is five easy steps, as you make the final decision to keep or ditch.

I leave you with a report and the knowledge of what action or repair is needed in case you wish to follow up with a shopping trip, as and when you have the time or money, to make your basic wardrobe work.  I love to share knowledge with you that you can use over time as your wardrobe is gradually enhanced as you can afford it. This is followed by revamp and restocking of a few items where necessary to give you a new look.

Develop an individual and personal sense of style and colour

Unblock creativity and clothing confidence

Save money on future purchases, to recoup the cost of style session.

Receive a report: including 40 outfits named and/or held digitally to help you pull outfits together!

1. Wardrobe Consultation, reinvention, renovation and restyling = 3-4 hrs per double wardrobe

2. Wardrobe Consultation, including full report and colour advice = 3-4 hours per double wardrobe

£150 half day

Home visit for consultations within 25 miles of Cockermouth, Cumbria (appointments further afield can be arranged)

Consultations also provides a defined plan for special events, and/or offer a new lease of life to you or your relationships. It is like having a female friend (who is a professional stylist) helping you to take a creative approach to age and body image that promotes your best attributes.  

The wardrobe spring clean or reinvention will suit any purse including tight financial restrictions as this can be either a complete renewal or a creative reinvention of your style using the clothes you already own.

Wardrobe Consultation
Positive body image

A personal consultation helps you to change your life through understanding your needs and body shape and how you can dress to make the most of everything you have.  I can make you look and feel younger and more confident.

Develop strategies to be the master of your own eating and shopping habits, breaking behaviour patterns.

Enjoy your body; unblock your own creativity to enhance your personal appearance.  

100% of your wardrobe should work for you if only 60% or less works then find out why and prepare a plan to save money in future and always look wonderful.

You will have an organised, functional wardrobe and a more sophisticated approach to future fashion investments

You can improve your own look through learning how to shop in a more effective fashion

You can make a stunning first impression or enhance your look and receive lots of compliments

The style aspect of the consultation covers:

The consultation can cover some or all of the following depending upon the number of sessions:

Recent Trends and/or finding a signature style.

Body shape 

Body Proportions

Face shape

Capsule Wardrobe

Virtual Shop – researching personal web links for you to follow up on.

Wardrobe Management

Body image and Confidence Boost, this is mostly undertaken using positive thinking EFT and NLP techniques.

Dissolving limiting beliefs such as eating habits and distorted self image through EFT and NLP Techniques.

Colouring is covered mostly under a separate colour Analysis Session

Fashion for men has become as complicated and as difficult, as it is for women. We will work together on your personal presentation giving you confidence through the assets you have with the aim of disguising issues through correct style, colour and type of cloth.

The emotional aspect of coaching focuses upon positive thinking and emotional freedom techniques. Let me make a real difference to your relationships, personal success, visual and emotional strength, confidence and happiness. NLP Coaching gives you enhanced style and if you wish a great deal more.

Corporate situations don’t just mean wearing suits and everyone is looking for that winning edge when looking for work or wanting to get noticed. Especially during life-changing moments such as dealing with new found single status or altered personal social circles. Change this into an impression of confidence and style both socially and professionally.

Do you find shopping stressful?  Hand over the worry and save money.

Some people just need help to make ideas a reality, we can all benefit from advice to take the stress out of our lives.  Some people need more styling knowledge in order to enjoy dressing every day.

What Coaching can do for you... men and women
Fashion for men

Tips for men and women:

Always go for the best cloth, cut and fit you can find and afford, it is always money well spent, cheap cloth ages quickly and is not economical.

Make sure you feel comfortable for the occasion, as no matter how stylish you are, if the outfit is out of place then it doesn’t work.

Always check the details and accessories as they are an important part of your presentation over all, people notice your accessories, even if it just a scarf, a watch or a bag, they say a lot about your sense of style.

So be the change you wish to see!

We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are

Max Depree







Workshops and seminars are offered to groups and corporate clients.  I can help you achieve success by building your personal brand, implementing dress codes using style tips and NLP coaching for all client-facing employees.  


This is a short video, which explains exactly how to get remote style consultations in the comfort of your own home.  It explains exactly what you should send to me in order to give me the insight I need into what you really want.  

This process is the same for an online or telephone NLP coaching session for Self Esteem, Weight Management or Shopping Addiction.  

They usually take the form of 3 x 2hr sessions face to face or 6 x 1 hour online (it includes a few aspects of styling and a 3 month follow-up session to ensure you stay on track).

Consultation appointments have pre-arranged times.

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